Visual fine Arts

Visual Fine Arts meet the eye and evoke an emotion through an expression of skill and imagination.


In ArtQuest Visual Fine Arts, you develop a breadth and depth of both technical skills and conceptual concerns through the use of a wide range of materials and resources. Drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, printmaking, and other traditional and contemporary forms are explored. Incorporating preparatory studies, research, written reflection, and statements brings together the whole process of creating. Observation, memory and imagination are engaged while building a strong foundation in the elements and principles of Art.  

Critical thinking, creative problem-solving and unique solutions are actively supported. Critique is used to hone awareness of your aesthetic preferences and to evaluate work, leading to artistic growth. Diverse perspectives, community building, collaboration, personal responsibility, discipline and focus are all considered essential parts of the curriculum.  Each level builds on the knowledge and skills learned to create an original body of work.

Marla Tusa
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ArtQuest Visual Fine Arts provides you with hands-on, creative exploration into the process and creation of original products. You learn technical skills through a variety of media to support project-based assignments driven by ideation. The artistic process is explored from inquiry through critique.

Observational Work

Learn the fundamentals of visual understanding, sense of design, spatial awareness, memory and details of a subject and the means to describe it.

Portraiture + The Human Form

Learn the fundamentals of portraiture and the human figure to understand and feel confident representing proportions and the nuances of the individual person.

Artistic Voice

Plan, visualize, and create works that speak to the interests of the individual artist and express original thoughts and personal views.


Study historical, contemporary, and our own work to better understand ourselves and our place as artists and to support artistic growth.


Miles MacDiarmid
“Being amidst a bunch of other young artists really helps alleviate a bit of the inevitable self doubt and imposter syndrome that comes with being an artist.”

Miles MacDiarmid is the co-founder of the Freak Comics Collective with fellow ArtQuest alum Mars Ramirez, and comics peer Cristian Castelo. He has drawn comics from a very young age, and re-ignited his interest in comics while earning his undergrad degree at the San Francisco Art Institute. He’s self published a number of works, and recently crowdfunded and published a large scale graphic novel project entitled HIVE: The Coronation.


Brooke Delello

Brooke Delello has been a part of the ArtQuest faculty since she began her teaching career in 2006. Delello graduated with a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography and her teaching credential from Sonoma State University. She is the National Art Honor Society advisor and also teaches AP Studio Art, where her students have achieved a 98% passing rate. With a love of adolescent psychology, sociology, art and alternative education, teaching the arts and being at ArtQuest has been the perfect combination for Delello.


Janet Fisher

Janet Fisher graduated from Manchester University in the UK with an emphasis in History of Art and Ceramics. After graduating Fisher worked for arts organizations in London and then in Hong Kong. She moved to the US in the 90’s. She has exhibited in Sebastopol and Sonoma, and has worked for Transitioning Families, an organization that facilitates reconnection to estranged families as an art tutor. Fisher received her MA in Education and her teaching credential from the University of San Francisco in 2016. Her two daughters are graduates of ArtQuest.