Digital Arts

Digital Arts uses a wide range of digital and traditional media to communicate ideas visually.


ArtQuest Digital Arts offers a strong foundation in the visual language of art and is designed for students who are interested in developing art from a digital perspective or are interested in graphic design. You work in a variety of digital media production software and develop hands-on design and printing experiences. Projects engaged in foundational knowledge in various art media, with an emphasis on composition, design principles, perspective, symbolism, and student voice are used as ways to create meaningful works of art. 

Drawing skills are developed to accompany original graphic design and digital productions. Daily participation in personal and group critiques, as well as the study of art theory, art history and contemporary art inform your art making. Each level challenges you to build on technical skills and to explore personal artistic possibilities. Risk-taking, discipline, dedication to excellence and achievement at a high level are all key elements in Digital Arts.

Marla Tusa
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The Digital Arts curriculum is grounded in hands-on, real world, project-based experiences. You work independently, as well as within small groups, practicing the creative problem-solving and collaboration skills needed in today’s technologically-driven media culture.

Software Tools

Learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Design Process

Understand and use the Design Process: Plan, Create, and Reflect to create your digital art portfolio.

Art Theory

Utilize elements of art, principles of design, typography, composition and color theory.

Art History

Study the history of graphic design and contemporary applications.


Jameson Danning
“ArtQuest Digital Arts gave me a lot of freedom to experiment and really find what I was passionate about, and the art skills I developed became incredibly helpful as I started creating more video games.”

Jameson Danning is an alumni of ArtQuest Digital Arts (Class of 2016). He is a multidisciplinary artist with experience in digital art, graphic design, photography, and animation. He made his first video game while part of ArtQuest, which led him to follow his dreams and pursue a degree in Computer Science:Game Design from UC Santa Cruz, and now works as a Game Designer for Amazon Game Studios on a massive unannounced project.


Lauren Frost

Lauren Frost holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from The University of Kansas, and a Single Subject Credential in Art from Dominican University. Frost began her teaching career in Sonoma County in 2003 and has experience teaching music, environmental science, cultural geography, ceramics, studio arts, graphic design, AP studio art, and digital photography. She is a member of various arts organizations including the NAEA, CAEA, and Adobe Education Exchange. Frost is a graphic designer, painter and illustrator and enjoys spending time with her husband, a musician, and their two daughters.