Photography has been the most powerful visual art medium and form of communication since the mid-19th Century.


Using the medium of photography, you will develop an expressive visual language and explore ways photography has impacted our culture, histories and our personal lives. Questions about what photographs do will be explored, as well as how you can make photographs that will impact our communities and effect positive change. Projects are structured to help you develop a personal vision and to build a working knowledge of photographic materials and methods. 

You will explore technical aspects including the use of the camera, film, film processing and printing. You develop an understanding of the photographic image in terms of light, shape, form, and organization of the 2D plane. Each level builds on the knowledge and technical skills learned to develop a personal vision. Studio experiences are expanded through field trips, gallery visits, guest artist visits, reading and research, and critique.

Marla Tusa
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The photography curriculum is designed to make you proficient in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of the photographic medium. Through immersive hands-on lessons, you develop mastery with analog and digital cameras, equipment and processes. Art principles, practice and safety are taught with an eye toward future careers within the arts and graphic design fields.

Analog + Digital

Use both analog and digital cameras to explore the medium of photography and create work.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn and utilize digital applications for photography.


Develop the vocabulary and strategies for in-depth critique of your work and the work of others.

Guest Artists + Field Trips

In addition to studio experiences, learn from guest artists and field trips to museums and galleries.


Faeshe Moritz
“ArtQuest Photography was an amazing experience for me, putting creativity at the center of my life, offering me a great community of people who shared the same passion and values and giving me the vision and self-confidence to strive for a creative career.”

Born and raised in Germany, Moritz attended SRHS and took part in the ArtQuest Program as an exchange student. Back in Germany, he went to college to study computer sciences without ever losing sight of his photography. At the age of 22, he built his own business as a photographer specializing in photojournalistic wedding photography.


John Sappington

John Sappington is an artist/educator working in photography and digital media. He graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Kansas City Art Institute and a Masters of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute, both with a specialization in Photography. Sappington has taught Digital Media, Photography and Graphic Design throughout the Bay Area since 2000 and at the Santa Rosa Junior College since 2003. He freelances as an IT consultant, designer and photographer to non-profit arts organizations, artists and small businesses.